The first app


My uncle Rex had an app.
Long before Steve Jobs' vision,
He had a vision of beauty,
That he called his App.
The Apple of his eye.

But we shall start at the end.
Muriel’s funeral
Moving when we sang “Their song”.
The song of Rex died 7th June 1984 and
Muriel died 22nd March 2017

“I loved you as I've never loved before
Since first I saw you on the village green

I love you as I loved you,
When you were sweet sixteen.”

Another Wheatsheaf,
In Stratton St Margaret.
Another time.

First back in time to 1941.
To see a lime tree opposite,
Which carries the scars
Of Norman Barbeau’s Spitfire bravery.

Forward now to a 1946 Wheatsheaf.
Rex is drinking with his mate.
Who went to the bar
Leaving a seat in the popular pub.

Muriel avoiding an unwanted suitor
Ducks into the Wheatsheaf.
Rex smitten by her beauty,
Love at first sight,
“There’s a seat yer” he says.

Rex is loyal by nature
To Ushers brewery not Arkells.
Even though his father says,
That all his money is in the bank of Arkells.

Beer literally his downfall
Tipsily teetered from a bus.
Arriving at their first date
With his arm in sling.

Rex is loyal to his App.

Pre-nuptial parental introductions.
Muriel treated to tiny triangular sandwiches
By Elsie, my grandmother,
Who must have Pulled out all the stops,
For I only saw her eponymous rock cakes.

Now a rainy
St. Patrick’s Day, 1951.

Muriel Scarrot to Rex Butler.
St. Margaret’s church.
Stratton St Margaret.

Evening Advertiser captions the photo
“The sunshine of her smile”.

Muriel forever Rex’s App.

Rex died 7th June 1984
Muriel 22nd March 2017